Dear Santa

How are you? It must be a busy time. I hope preparations for this holiday season are going well. I write to you because I have a very specific request for Christmas this year.

I am a certified life coach. As such, I have dedicated my career to let people discover their inner strength. It brings me great joy to be able to support people on their way to happiness.

I am also a gay man. Which means I am exposed to the dynamics of the queer* community. In the course of a decade, people have turned me into their surrogate father, brother, absent mother, therapist, mirror and emotional punching bag. This is true for all my relationships with men: gay, straight, bi or pan, from platonic to intimate.  

It is normal, even desirable, to support each other in a relationship. It is not normal, however, for men to use intimacy, love and sex to actively avoid having to deal with their issues. As a life coach, these are interesting dynamics to work with. As a person, I am done being in a relationship where I have to clean up other people’s mess.

You should know, Santa, that I am perfectly happy on my own. However, should you have the intention to put me under a mistletoe this year, please make sure that the guy next to me is ready for love.

Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas!



*when I say ‘queer’ I refer to the whole of the LGBTQIAP+ community