The Time is Now

Recently I made a decision that would change my life: to continue my freelance business as a digital nomad! And now that the world is my office, I have something on offer for you..


If we haven’t met before: Hi! My name is Joey Velberg, I’m 30 years young and I work as a freelance life coach. Over the past five years, I have supported numerous people on their life journeys. I mainly work with young professionals, people of color and people from the LGBTQ+ community. In my experience, having similarities in backstories creates an atmosphere of understanding. Whoever walks through the (digital) door, I will always strive for my practice to be a safe(r) space where people can develop and grow.  

“It seems like people my age are searching for something”


No matter what place I’m in, I notice that change is happening fast. And it’s happening everywhere. During my travels I have met people from all corners of the globe. Interestingly, a lot of people from my generation are trying to break with their old lives (in terms of family, relationships and work). In other words, it seems like people my age are searching for something.

‘Who am I?’

In many ways, the system is broken: climate change, racism, regression of human rights, just to name a few. I think a lot of young people are reacting to that by asking themselves the big questions: ‘who am I?’, ‘what makes me happy?’ and ‘what do I want to do with my life?’. We do not have the power to take on the world and change the system on our own. But we do have the power to take control over our own lives. 

“Life is messy”

The benefits of life coaching 

The only person who can initiate change in your life is you. That sounds easy, but it’s not. Because life is messy. A voice in your head, an echo from the past, or a family dynamic that you are unaware of can keep you firmly where you are. Even though all you want to do is move forward. In these cases, coaching can be very useful. With simple but powerful intervention techniques I can help you find your path.  

To encourage you to make the changes you need, I am offering you 10% discount on your life coaching sessions. 

The time is now.


P.S. I speak both English and Dutch. My website is still in Dutch for now, so if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to write or text me. Thanks 🙂

No small print here. Just a few healthy boundaries! This offer applies to:

  • life coaching sessions with Joey Velberg | Onwijs Jong
  • individual trajectories of at least three sessions

And is available:

  • only if there is room in the schedule to make regular appointments
  • to people who sign their coach plan no later than 30 June 2022

However, is limited to:

  • strictly life coaching. No combinations can be made with other offers or discounts
  • one person per trajectory